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Property Rescue Restoration was established in 2017 and have rescued and restored areas of the Tristate that have experienced property damages.

Property Rescue Restoration operates in two avenues, commercial and residential. In the commercial area, we provide high quality  services, of repairing damages of and reducing risk. In the residential area we specialize in taking care of any size of renovations, respecting your personal space, while repairing the hazardous damage which has effected your property.


Founder Dominique Walton says, "We were always interested in helping fire victims so instead of becoming a firefighter, our team became a smoke, water and mold specialist. We set out to help those who experienced damages to their personal property. Property Rescue Restoration comes on one accord to make your property look as if nothing ever happened."

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You did a great job cleaning the smoke damage out of my house if I have anyone that needs help I will definitely tell them to call property rescue


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